Christmas Caravan Connects 220 Access Students from 11 Regions

December, 31 2015

The winter holidays always bring magic, excitement and traditions to people's hearts and homes. Access Microscholarship Program Moldova is home to 220 students from Edinet, Ribnita, Hincesti, Grigoriopol, Causeni, Balti, Ungheni, Taraclia, Anenii Noi, Vulcanesti and Soroca, a home with its own traditions, a home where the traditions are well taken care of.

Therefore, for the third year consecutively, all the Access students were invited to participate in the Christmas Caravan which is a very special activity, given that it unites all the Access students from Moldova in a common project and gives them the chance to interact with each other and discover the peculiarities of the program in other regions. It also represented a proper introduction into the Access life for the students who recently joined the program, who caught a more complex picture of what this program is.

Thus, each Access student from Moldova made a Christmas card for another student, who was randomly selected, wrote a short description of himself/herself, and included a picture of his/her, so that the recipient would know who the author is.

This year, the Caravan was even more remarkable for the students from Ribnita, Edinet, Grigoriopol, Causeni and Hincesti who had the chance to personally hand in the cards to their fellows from other regions, since all of them were gathered in Chisinau for the Graduation Ceremony. The students from Anenii Noi, Taraclia, Vulcanesti, Soroca, Ungheni and Balti, on the other hand, sent their cards via post, so their cards had to overcome a long way to reach the recipients.

Just like the previous years, the Christmas Caravan was an exciting project that brought a lot of smiles on the faces of our students and marked the beginning of new friendships. It fueled the cohesion of the Access groups from all over the country, being one of the few chances the Access students from Moldova have to work in a common project, and to interact with their colleagues from other regions.
The Christmas Caravan spread the magic of the winter holidays all over the country and helped the students understand that they are part of a big family and that Access Microscholarship Program is more than English.

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