Access Summer Camp 2015- a productive challenge

August, 30 2015

One of the highlights of the Access Microscholarship Program is the summer camp which is organized every year for all the Access students from Moldova. It is an intensive one-week program designed to develop the students' English skills, as well as their personal aptitudes.

This year, several new interesting activities and courses have been introduced. Therefore, the Access students not only had English classes, but also learned how to write grants, plan community projects and implement them. Also, they had a career orientation course which this time was complemented with a practical part. The participants went to entrepreneurship field trips during which the teenagers could talk to entrepreneurs who shared with them the difficult path they had to overcome in order to launch their businesses.

Moreover, during Art Clubs, the students worked on an upcycling project- "Creativity is Environment friendly." They learned how to reuse materials that others consider to be useless. Therefore, they made adorable penguins, lady bugs, rabbits and bears out of plastic bottles, lovely pencil holders out of tin cans, bookmarks out of ice-cream sticks and decorative vases out of glass beer bottles.

The team building sessions helped the participants discover interesting things about their fellows, get closer to each other and solve problems together. These activities contributed a lot to establishing group cohesion, and becoming a stronger team, which is very important for the successful outcome of the lessons and the civic engagement actions the students take together.

Besides, the Access students also had a lot of fun during the karaoke nights, Sing Along sessions and movie nights which were organized in order to encourage them to learn English through music and movies. In addition to that, the participants tried to overcome their fears, being challenged to climb a wall. This test, as well as the archery sessions, taught them to be determined and to achieve their goals.

Another very successful event which was organized for the first time this year was the collaboration with the NSLI-Y program. The American students who came to Moldova to study Russian were invited to the Access Summer Camp where they were involved in team building activities together with the Access students. A second meeting between the participants of these two programs was organized in Dendrarium park where they did volunteer work while communicating with each other.

The positive feedback we received at the end of the summer camp makes us believe that, despite the work overload, and the busy schedule, the students had a lot of fun during this extremely productive week. But, most important of all, is that they learned that you can have a lot of fun working and learning new things.

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