20 Access teachers and teacher assistants attended the “Ensuring Quality Formal and Non-formal Education through the Access Program” Teacher Training

December, 12 2015

The end of the year is the best time to reflect upon the achievements you have had, to evaluate your work and, most importantly, to make an action plan for the following year. That is why at the end of each year, we gather all the Access instructors together to a teacher training during which they can share from their experience. On December 12, 2015, the current Access instructors and their assistants participated in the "Ensuring Quality Formal and Non-formal Education through the Access Program" Teacher Training in Chisinau.

This event was a perfect opportunity for the teachers from Edinet, Ribnita, Hincesti, Grigoriopol and Causeni who are about to finish the program, to pass their best practices, and share their proficiency with the new generation of teachers from Taraclia, Vulcanesti, Anenii Noi and Soroca.

The "Ensuring Quality Formal and Non-formal Education through the Access Program" Teacher Training was officially opened by the American Councils Moldova Country Director, David Jesse, who stressed upon the importance to develop and maintain an innovative character of the Access Program non-formal education model  and outlined the new perspectives of the Moldovan quality-based education development.   
The coordinator of the program, Olga Morozan, introduced the new members into the philosophy and methodology of the Access Program and made a presentation on integrating Content-based Instruction through Co-Teaching. Moreover, Corina Ceban, the Access teacher from Balti, who has been involved in the program since it was open in Moldova for the first time (2010), imparted her impressions about the wonderful instruction and educational exchange month she spent last summer in the USA, being selected to  participate in the SUSI Program (Corina's presentation: "Seeing with New Eyes the Education: SUSI Program" )

In addition to that, the teacher from Edinet, Emma Matreniuc, who had attended the previous summer (July, 2015) the  Access International Conference in Sibiu, outlined the key elements of the  practical approaches to Integrate Core-subjects into EFL Classes through Content-based Instruction, presenting the thematic unit "Holidays Marathon" - a common methodological outcome of the international collaboration of 10 Access fellows from Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine and Moldova.

The practical value was b enriched by  active discussions 6  most experienced  Access teachers and teacher assistants  initiated  within 4 Access Literacy Centers to offer experiential solutions of the issues related to: (1) Dealing with Teaching Multilevel and  Mixed-ability Access  Classes (monitored by: Daria Prozorovschi, our Access- Hincesti teacher); (2) Ensuring Authentic Assessment and Evaluation in the Access Instruction (monitored by Corina Ceban, Access Balti teacher); (3) Maintaining Access Students' Motivation & Program Retention (monitored by Emma Matreniuc, Access Edinet teacher), and (4) the Access Teacher Assistant's Work (monitored by Doina Morari, Access program assistant, Iulia Sorocan, Access-Edinet teacher assistant, and Olga Taran, Access-Grigoriopol teacher assistant).

It  was also a perfect occasion for the teaching assistants to talk about their most successful community projects, to reflect upon the obstacles they have had to overcome, the stages they have gone through and to talk about the impact these projects have had on their students and on their communities. In addition to that, a few tips for working with Movies in the Classroom, as well as some exciting games and activities have been shared with them by the Access Program assistant, Doina Morari.

Furthermore, special guests joined the event. APAO Kate Bartlett from the U.S. Embassy Chisinau didn't miss the chance to meet all the people who put so much effort to make the English Access Microscholarship Program Moldova successful in their regions, to thank them for their hard work, to welcome the new members, and to encourage them at the launch of a new exciting experience.

A delightful addition to this intensive and productive day was the traditional Secret Santa, an activity that allows the teachers and teaching assistants to get closer to each other and to bring the Christmas spirit around.

All and all, the teacher training was very productive, intensive, and a lot of fun, given that the members of the Access Program Moldova are always happy to see each other and spend time together.

Below are the presentations about the final projects made by the

Access teacher assistants from Causeni, Edinet, Hincesti, Grigoriopol and Ribnita:

Iulia Sorocan, Edinet- Different, but Equal
Anastasia Cebotari, Causeni- Learn English Through Creativity
Petru Simon, Hincesti- A Holiday for Everybody
Olga Taran, Grigoriopol- Bringing Change through the Access Projects

Nicolae Gladuneac, Ribnita- "The Struggle for the Environment"


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