Access and NSLI-Y Students Working Side by Side

August, 20 2015

Meeting and interacting with native speakers is one of the opportunities the Access students could benefit during the whole 2-year program.


This summer, a very special and wonderful meeting was organized. A group of 20 American students, participants of the NSLI-Y program, who came to Moldova to study Russian, paid a visit to the group of Access students from Ribnita.


Even though this session was unusual, the students still had to stick to the rules of their programs, and had to speak only the language they learn. That is why, it was necessary to come up with a working rule that would meet the objectives of both groups of students.While communicating with each other, the Access students had to talk in English to the guests, whilst the NSLI-Y students were practicing their Russian skills. This way, the students learned to overcome the barriers they face when speaking a foreign language and were encouraged by each other to work hard in order to improve their English and Russian skills, respectively.


The teenagers were invited to play entertaining team building activities, during which they found out interesting facts about each other, as well as the customs and traditions of the countries they come from. The participants were really engaged in the discussion with their peers, and decided to continue to communicate with each other online.


Seeing the enthusiasm of the students after the first meeting, another session was organized. This time, the students from Causeni joined the American students in Dendrarium park where they volunteered all together. The students walked in pairs around the park, collecting dry branches, and chatting with each other.


This unique experience showed the Access students that volunteering is an international concept, and that given that even foreigners volunteer their time in order to make Moldova a better place, the citizens of this country should not stay home complaining, but have to come outside and act for the benefit of the nation.

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