“Volunteering” is not a Role but a Status for 20 Access Students from Edinet

September, 2 2015

Vounteering—is the 21st century noble quest of every single adolescent and young person as well. Promoting this is one of the major goals of the Access Microscholarship Program Moldova.

To this extend, Youth Health Center “Salve” from Edinet in partnership with the Access Program started in September a new 3- month project for 20 Access students from Edinet, aimed to develop students’ volunteering spirit and abilities through volunteer case studies and peer education. The project will run two stages: a special volunteering training lasting for 1 month, and the implementation of community service activities for 2 months.

The trainers are volunteer leaders with a vast national and international experience in community service. This way, young volunteers promote and teach the others to identify the important values from our lives, and current issues worsening these values; and inspire their peers to participate in civic activities to improve the current situation of their life, all connected to healthy life style, environment, education, human relationships, tolerance, human rights protection, social inclusion, etc.

Among the trainers is one of the most active students Irina Babuci, an active volunteer who is teaching the students the values and principles of being a volunteer and attract the rest of Access students into various types of work, that deal with volunteering and civic participation.

After her international experience as a Flex Program- 2014 Alumna and the Veteran of Salve Volunteers, Iulia Sorocan, the current Access teacher assistant, is teaching students to plan varied social activities for the community benefit, such as: Care Day, Clean-Up Marathon, flash-mobs, social campaigns, etc. through learning and teaching the other young people.

Moreover, recently, the Access students, together with “Salve ” started collaboration with another organization for young people with disabilities “VIVERE”. It is a new step for our Access students as well, because together with their volunteer skills, they are going to organize several meetings and informative seminars to teach moral and correct attitude between people, make civic education possible and promote human rights and democratic values.

So, all together, the Access students are to implement through their activities and collaborations those important principles of a volunteer: Be Young, Active, Responsible and Healthy.


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