"Love & Life" Project

February, 26 2015

On February, 24 people from Romania and Moldova celebrate Dragobete, the Romanian equivalent of St. Valentine’s Day. 20 Access students from Causeni decided to celebrate this holiday in a very special and unique way. So, they came up with the brilliant and wonderful idea to discover the secrets of love on the day when it is celebrated. How they planned to do it is absolutely amazing. They chose to learn the mysteries of this wonderful feeling from the most reliable source- the people who had found it and had learned how to protect it. This way, they visited 7 couples from their home town, couples that have spent their lives side by side for more than 40-50 years.

The students got properly ready for these visits. They made beautiful handmade presents and souvenirs for the love experts. They also awarded them certificates for having discovered the secrets of love and for using them wisely. They also brought sweets for the couples.

The hosts were really surprised to receive such unexpected visits and, enjoying a cup of tea, they were happy to share their love stories, to recall how it all began, and the obstacles they faced. They gladly browsed the family albums and showed the students the highlights of their lives.


This gesture of the Access Causeni group was very appreciated by the hosts. For the first time in their lives they received guests willing to find out how they succeeded to protect their love for such a long time. This experience was also a very good opportunity to discover how the life of our fellow citizens looked like half a century ago. The Access students also learned the art of building and valuing the relationships they have with people.

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