Join "DOCTOBER" - a New Access Program Community Project

October, 24 2014

Access Microscholarship Program Moldova launches  "DOGTOBER" campaign - a new community project.

During this month we would like to  invite everybody concerned on  Dogs' protection in our country to join this project.

On this occasion, we invite to organize the following activities:

1.Promote Animal Protection, posting announcements with Animal Protection messages in their schools and towns/villages,

2. Organize campaign on feeding the homeless dogs from your community,

3. Make a small research in the community on the most popular Dog's name in Moldov, and people's literacy on raising or educating a dog,

4. Send us funny pictures or videos together with stories on your dogs or dogs from your neighbourhood.

5. If you are an educator, you may dedicate one of your lessons to Dogs. Ask your students to bring pictures of their dogs and write stories about them, organize role plays regarding dogs, watch interesting and funny videos about dogs, write poems, draw pictures, etc., or do any other inspiring educational activity related to dogs.


If you feel interested, please join us on our Facebook page .





Previous news
Access Students from Bender, Balti, Taraclia, Vulcanesti and Ungheni decided to organize a public speaking event being inspired by TEDx talks that they have watched during the lessons. First, they were afraid to talk in front of the people, but then they overcame their fears and shared their thoughts and feelings with the public.
Access Teachers and assistants participated in a workshop delivered by AIESEC Moldova President, Faraji Hassan Emily about Sustainable Development Goals. After the workshop, teachers and assistants from Access will deliver a session about these goals joining the "Youth Engagement and Act" raising the awareness of #SDGs around the world.
One of the most beautiful traditions in the life of Access Microscholarship Program Moldova is the Tea at the Ambassador's Event. This is a very unique and special experience for the best Access students from our country, who are invited to spend a wonderful afternoon in the company of the US Ambassador to Moldova.