Getting Prepared for Summer Camp: First Aid Training organized for Access staff by Red Cross Moldova

May, 31 2014

In May, 2014, the Access Program staff was fully engaged in getting ready for a major and very important event of the program's instructive and educational curriculum: the Access summer camp, 2014. In order to ensure summer camp attendees' life security, the Access instructors were invited to participate at the First Aid training, led by Red Cross Moldova.
This way, during 10 hours, each participant learnt main things about life protection, psychological support, wounds, bleeding, injuries, burns, asphyxiation, etc. They got familiar with the principles of emotions' controlling in the act of emergencies, and strategies to follow while facing extreme life situations.
This training was very efficient because it offered either detailed information on the eventual actions, or practical assignments.
The event ended with handling to each trainee the First Aid Certificate confirmed by Moldova Red Cross and National Center for Emergency Medicine. The received certificate is recognized by the European First Aid Centre and the first aid training meets the European standards in this field.


Photo Gallery of the event

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