Access Summer Camp, 2014 - an “English Only” Zone

August, 10 2014

One of the highlights of the life of Access Program is definitely the Summer Camp during which we try to create a positive atmosphere where the students have to speak exclusively in English and have the chance to improve their English skills, and to get closer to American culture and civilization, by watching American movies, talking to native speakers, and learning American dances, songs, and games.

From July, 2 to August, 10 110 students from 9 different regions of our country (60 of whom coming from orphanages and 3 children with Special Education Needs) benefited from a unique summer experience, living 5-week unforgettable moments in the Access Summer Camp.
The life in the summer camp was full of interactive instructive and educative activities to develop both English skills of our students and their personal skills. This way, 7 qualified EFL instructors and 9 teacher assistants introduced the Access students into the mysterious world of writing, hints of exploring a literary text, and the art of speaking.

Among innovative opportunities the Access teenagers benefited during this period were the "Media Education" trainings, organized by the Independent Journalism Center from Moldova as part of "Promoting Media Literacy Among Moldovan Citizens" Project. The main goal of the instructive sessions was to encourage students "to correctly consume information, be vigilant and read journalists' materials between the lines". Thus, meeting a group of motivated journalists from Radio Free Europe, the participants got involved into a series of engaging discussions on the issues of media literacy, learning the importance to be selective on media information perceive to avoid misguided news.

In addition to this project, the students participated at the "Career Education" workshops, led by the coordinator of "Career for Me" Program - Tatiana Sevcenco, who introduced the youth into the matter of their professional development. The sessions invited students to reflect upon their life priorities, personal preferences and possibilities, as sources to achieve their future vocational goals.


During the Social Theater Club, as part of the International Outreach Fund Project "Making the Change through Social Theater", the participants learnt about the peculiarities of Social Theater, discussed about the social problems existing in our society, focused more on those that are more prominent and represented them in their plays. All participants had the chance to try themselves in the roles of playwrights, directors, designers and actors since they wrote their own scripts, staged their plays, made their own costumes and, in the end, represented their plays for their colleagues from EFL Camp, children from kindergartens and orphanages.


The City Quest brought the dynamics into the instructive process, since the teenagers had not only to discover the capital of our country, but also to fulfill interesting tasks, like making people happy on streets, teaching old people English words and phrases, paying compliments, and organizing flash mobs. They also had the chance to go to a climbing wall, where they had to overcome their fear of height in order to experience new things and new emotions. They got acquainted with the secrets of the Underground Art, visiting a group of very talented artists from Chisinau, and namely- Art Labyrinth. Here, the students were taught to play drums, Jew's harps and other impressive and unusual instruments.

The Team Building sessions encouraged participants to look for solutions cooperatively and to learn to trust each other. All these activities made them think as a team and act as a team. The summer camp enhanced group cohesiveness, this being a very important element for the successful completion of the program.

The life in the Access camp was full of new things for all students, who enjoyed everything that happened there and used all the opportunities to the fullest. The most important thing that the trainers succeeded to teach them is that learning can be fun and that they can enjoy themselves while working. They were very pleased and showed positive feedback, this being the most impressive payback for all the work and energy shared by the Access professionals.


Photo Gallery of the event


More pictures on "Career for Me" and "Media Education" Trainings



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