Last but not the Least: Access students performing social plays

July, 10 2014

In July the Access students from Comrat, Cahul, Ungheni, Varnita/Bender, Balti and Chisinau have performed social theatrical plays during their summer camp - the last social engagement event the students participated in before graduating the Access program.

The main goal of this action is to enhance students' civic responsibilities and positive attitude towards their challenging society by trying to find optimal solutions for the most actual problems the community faces and teach other people how to act properly in the act of discrimination, social injustice or intolerence.

Initially, 20 students  participated at several trainings about social  theater and discovered all the peculiarities of this modern art. Afterwards, they've come up with their own stories, they've written their own scripts and represented their plays to children from local kindergartens and their colegues from EFL camp. This was a very creative and interactive way of teaching children some behavioral patterns and makeing them aware of some of the problems existing in our society.



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