“8 MONTHS OF COLLABORATION WITH ACCESS PROGRAM…”, Brent Salter, American Embassy Fulbright, sharing his thoughts

May, 20 2014

" It has been a great pleasure to work with the Access Program during my time in Cahul. Thanks to initiative taken by Aliona Bragaru, the local Access teacher, I was introduced to this effort of American Councils upon my arrival in Moldova in September. I visited her class to introduce myself not long after, and I was pleased by the students' conduct, dedication to learning English, and skill at speaking the language.
During the eight months that followed, I had the opportunity to visit the Access students many times and share with them my perspectives on life in the United States and the topics they were studying. I liked that their lessons not only took the form of lectures and discussions, but also myriad games and activities to better engage the students. This attests to the excellence of Aliona's teaching methods and her ability to reimagine the classroom environment.
I was repeatedly impressed by the creativity of the students, as manifested in their art projects and holiday celebrations. The poster they made for me at the end of the fall semester remains one of the most cherished gifts I received from Moldovan students.
A reflection on my experience with the Access Program would be incomplete without mention of the important role of our student assistant. Eugen Staicov was an invaluable aid in the classroom. His younger age and experience as a FLEX alumnus allowed him to relate to students in ways that a teacher might be unable. He showed dedication to Access, even despite numerous personal obligations that simultaneously vied for his time.
The work of the Access Program is important to Moldova and the future success of its students. Those who participate in these after school activities on a regular basis will undoubtedly be better prepared for opportunities that await them educationally and professionally. I am grateful for my involvement with these students, and I wish Access many years of continued success."

Brent Salter, American Embassy Fulbright,

"B.P.HASDEU"S.U . Cahul,

April, 2014

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On April 5th, Access Students from Soroca had a special guest. They have met Jonathan Wolfington, Cultural Attache of the U.S. Embassy in Moldova.
On April 22, Access Students from Taraclia had organized a GYSD project for their community, in order to do that, they have invited NSLI-Y students to join them into city quest and they have planted red flowers in the shape of a ribbon to create an HIV/AIDS awareness campaign.
Access Students from Bender, Balti, Taraclia, Vulcanesti and Ungheni decided to organize a public speaking event being inspired by TEDx talks that they have watched during the lessons. First, they were afraid to talk in front of the people, but then they overcame their fears and shared their thoughts and feelings with the public.