Celebrating Global Youth Service Day

May, 8 2014

To celebrate Global Youth Service Day in Moldova, 200 young and active teenagers from Access Microscholarship Program Moldova were eager to contribute in improving their community in 10 regions of the country. This way, each youth group came up with a variety of creative ideas to raise the society global awareness of all age people through unique experience which revived in each participant the civic activism, strong cooperation and unity in achieving important goals.
This way, the youth from Balti and Straseni got involved in this activity with a lot of enthusiasm and willingness to inspire the youngest generation of their community to be environmentally active. Both groups organized special ecological trainings for 50 kindergarten kids from their regions. Thus, through funny and interactive activities, games, role-plays, the little kids found out interesting facts about the Earth, climate change, and the role of a human being to stop the ecological disaster, referring to the importance of each participants' personal commitment in addressing this issue. Also, willing to share the knowledge acquired during the Access classes with the younger ones, these Access students taught them some basic English vocabulary connected to nature.
Beside the informative activities, the Access program organized cleaning days in other regions of the country, such as Ungheni, Cahul and Orhei. This way, the teenagers made a community appeal to all citizens from their towns and villages to clean and embellish the natural spots from their neighbourhood. For this reason, to make the place where they spent a big part of their time more pleasant and beautiful Ungheni and Cahul participants cleaned the territory of their school, planted multicolored roses and creatively painted the playing yard from the park.
Moreover, the Global Youth Service Day was also intensively lived by Access students coming from 3 orphanages of the country, Straseni, Orhei and Ialoveni. Each child has a unique chance to make his/her contribution by cleaning up the territory of their orphanages in order to give an example to their younger fellows and to create a more pleasant atmosphere in the place where they spend so much time. They also planted some flowers which are not only an important source of oxygen, but also a source of pleasure for their eyes and souls.
In addition to this, the Access Ialoveni students, another group of orphan children, decided to go to different parts of Chisinau, the capital, to talk to people about environment and about the things that they themselves can do to protect it and to stop the pollution of water, soil and air. They were dressed in the handmade beautiful costumes that represented different elements of our environment: trees, flowers, our planet, and of course, our enemies- the factories that represent a big source of pollution in today's world. They also gave each person they talked to an apple as a symbol of the miracles the Nature gives us.
The Access teacher assistant from Chisinau organized a special day for her disabled students. She invited some guests, planned some interesting activities and provided some treats for these children in order to bring more pleasant and funny moments in their lives.
Access Bender and Varnita/Bender decided to unite their forces in order to reach more people and organized a "Smile Day" for all the citizens. The teenagers managed to prove them that there still is human kindness and team spirit among the citizens of Moldova. For this reason, they went to the center of the town where they gave the people they met a helping hand: they helped the old people to cross the street, to carry their bags, etc. In addition, they gave all the children balloons and chocolates to make them smile.
Taking all into account it is yo mention that the teenagers from Access Microscholarship Program managed to surprise a large number of people from our country. They brought them a lot of positive emotions and also set an example for the younger generation. These children showed the power of team spirit and sent a very important message for our nation- we should not wait for the administration of our communities to make a change, but we can and should do it, together.
All the teenagers who participated in The GYSD events were very happy to have the chance to help others and did it with great pleasure, especially the students from orphanages who, for the first time in their lives played the role of people who provide help and not in their usual role of beneficiaries.

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