Dr Satyam S Murty Visiting Access

April, 3 2014

On April, 3 Dr. Satyam S. Murty, a Fulbright scholar visiting Moldova, accepted our invitation to be a guest of our Ialoveni Access site in order to share with children his experience as a US scholar, his impressions about Moldova and a number of other countries he visited.

As usually, the students were very happy to have a representative of another country in their class. The guest talked to the children about his favorite books, favorite food, hobbies, his teaching experience, family, cultural descriptions of his native country and his favorite visited ever country. The professor gave to children some recommendations about the books they should read, the countries they should visit and about how they should spend their free time.

The Access students proved to be very responsible and determined, asking Dr. Satyam S. Murty advice about how they can improve their English skills and become perfectionists in their academic abilities.

The children were absolutely amazed by the number of countries that their visitor had seen during his life and about the wide range of interesting experiences he had had. Travelling is one of the students’ hobbies as well, that is why they were so eager to find out more and more things about different nations.

This conversation helped the students to look at the world from another perspective, from the point of view of a person who comes from a different society and has a different cultural background. It didn’t only offer the students the chance to practice their English skills and to enhance their knowledge of other cultures, but also made them understand that their lives are in their hands and that they can decide how they want to spend it. The success story of the guest made the students believe that everything is possible, that they can achieve their goals by believing in themselves and by working hard.


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