Random Acts of Kindness Day

February, 17 2014

On February 17, 2014 people around the world celebrated The Random Acts of Kindness Day. The Access Chișinău teacher- assistant, Cătălina Cucu, decided to involve some of the members of her volunteer club and create a special day for her students from Access Chișinău, who are children with special educational needs.

The main goal of this activity was to promote the spirit of mercy and kindness around, acting cooperatively and less agressive with people surrounding us in everyday life. This way, the students learnt a good lesson on how to cope in conflict situations in a constructive way, providing a win-win situation in any misunderstanding.

One of the most exciting activities were connected to real-life simulation and role-playing, such as talking to an angry vendor, chatting with a rude passenger, or an aggressive teenager, where each participant had to experiment how to act in different unpredictable situations, being calm, tolerant and expressing kindness and love towards the close people nearby.

This day was not only a day full of positive emotions, but also a great day in which the students found out about this special day in which they can show support to other people.
Also, the students became good friends with their guests and are impatient to see the volunteers again.

Hopefully, next year more and more Access students will get involved in the Random Acts of Kindness Day and will help more people who need the support, help and empathy of others.


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