Access Teacher Training Presented by Eve Smith, Senior English Language Fellow, US Department of State

March, 4 2014

Access Teacher Training Presented by Eve Smith,

Senior English Language Fellow, US Department of State


On March 1, Access Microscholarship Program Moldova hosted a special guest, Eve Smith- English Language Fellow, US Department of State. This event was organized by the US Embassy Moldova in collaboration with Access Microscholarship Program, American Councils Moldova, in order to introduce the Access team into current methodological approaches in teaching English as a foreign language. .

After visiting two of the Access sites, namely Access Varnița/Bender and Access Ialoveni, the specialist shared her experience of professional English instructor with all the Access teachers and teacher-assistants as well. This way, she presented 4 workshops related to the usage of online tools in teaching English: "Taking Classes On-line", "Encouraging English Learning through the WWW", "Successful On-line Activities and Projects",and "Using Rubrics to Assess Presentations".

Consequently, all members of our team get the chance to enhance their knowledge and learn some new things related to the new trends in methodology of teaching English. Also, they enjoyed communicating with their fellows from other sites while sharing their recent successful achievements and implemented projects. In addition to this, the group set up new perspectives on Access sites' future collaboration.

Since it was the first day of spring, the administration of the program congratulated everybody with this wonderful day, offering each participant a Mărțișor, the national symbol of revival and spring. This way, the presenter discovered the wonderful tradition to offer red-and -white knitted decorations to symbolize the beginning of spring.


On behalf of all Access teachers and teacher-assistants,

we would like to gratify all the people who contributed to this training organization.

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