Community Projects Implemented by Access Bălți Students

February, 13 2014

Community Projects Implemented by Access Bălți Students

The civic activity and implication of the students is a very important aspect of Access Microscholarship Program. The Access students are always extremely motivated and willing to change the things around them.

The Access Bălți group proved that once again when they applied for a grant given by Bălți Funds for Youth. The organization offered three grants to groups of teenagers who were very active and willing to change the world around them. So the Access Bălți students received one of them. With the financial resources acquired, the students implemented two very creative and helpful community projects aimed at encouraging people to develop themselves in many ways and advising them to try to deal with the issues existing in our society.

The first project entitled "Say Stop to Conflicts" was intended to alert people about the negative impact of conflicts upon society and to present ways of avoiding conflictive situations. The Access students organized several workshops during which they worked with students from 8th and 9th grades. Various interactive methods were used during the sessions, including videos about conflicts in family, school and society.

The second project was aimed at encouraging the young talents and promoting the art of photography in our country. The students organized a contest "Nature Through the Lens" for young photographers from school. Each participant had to bring one of his works. The winners of the contest received money prizes and all the works that were presented were displayed in the halls of the school of the participant students.

We are very proud of all the students who dedicated their time for the welfare of the society they live in. The Access Bălți teacher, Corina Ceban, mentioned one of the students who dedicated entirely to these projects and was very enthusiastic and active in the implementation of these ideas, Andriana Pampariova. You all did a wonderful job, Access Bălți students!


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