Christmas Treat for Access Ialoveni Orphan Students

December, 25 2013

The Access site from Ialoveni is successfully running for students who come from family-type orphanages. To make these students feel happiness in their eyes and hearts, the Access Miroscholarship Program supported the idea of Marina Zaharciuc, their teacher and Cristina Gîza, the teacher assistant to create a special inspiring Christmas Day for these children.


So, on December, 25 the orphan Access students spent a wonderful Christmas Day together with their teachers. They didn't only enjoy the food and spent the day in new circumstances, but they spent their time efficiently, making plans regarding their future community projects. They wanted to share their good mood with the other Access students, teachers and teacher assistants, and made a movie for congratulating them all with this wonderful occasion. They also proved to be very thankful, responsible, and willing to help the children who have less luck than they do and live in orphanages. They discussed about the things they can do for those children and came up with various and interesting ideas which they will start to implement very soon.


This experience turned out to be a marvelous and very fruitful one. Offering special moments to those who don't have the same opportunities and appreciate all the trivial things is always an amazing thing to do. For sure Access Microscholarship Program will try to organize this kind of activities for other students from orphanages, the students from Access Orhei and Access Strășeni.

Photo Gallery of the event

Video Gallery of the event


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